“Friends” Star David Schwimmer To Appear As A Recurring Role On “Will & Grace”

Late 90s/Early 2000s tv fans are about to get an exciting treat.


Deadline reports that David Schwimmer, who’s most known for the role Ross in the class tv sitcom Friends, will be playing a recurring role in the second season of the Will & Grace revival.

Schwimmer will play the new love interest of Debra Messing’s Grace, and is currently planned to stick around for a five-episode story arc. That said, the scripts are still being written out, so there could be room for more depending on how the production and audience response goes.

This is just one update in what series co-creator Max Mutchnick said will be a season all about new things and opening up the world of Will & Grace.

“We’re trying to open up the series this year. Last year was about coming back and seeing how the audience was going to respond, and they embraced the show, and that was thrilling. Now, we need to move forward.”


“With relationships, with work. Those things will probably be new,” added co-creator David Kohan.

The new seasons of Will & Grace will start on October 4 and will continue for 18 episodes. Then, a third season, which has already been greenlit, will run for an additional 18 episodes.

h/t: Deadline

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  1. Disappointed in NBC’s choice

    Disappointed in NBC's choice with all the talented and handsome actors to choose from… ugh. How about they work on Will getting a boyfriend… or at least a one night stand.


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