From Being Naked On Set Of ‘George Of The Jungle’ – To Oscar Nominee

If you’re a younger gay who has no idea who Oscar nominated actor Brendan Fraser is, then the internet is here to remind you. After receiving a Best Actor Oscar nom for his lead role in The Whale — a nostalgic Twitter account decided to pay homage to the actor and his previous roles.


A twitter account that pays homage to classic pop culture moments, decided to remind everyone just how in-demand Fraser was in his prime. From classic films like George of the Jungle (1997), Gods and Monsters (1998), and The Mummy franchise (1999-2008) — Fraser established himself as leading man in Hollywood, with major box office appeal. Who had abs of steel!


He stepped away from the industry for a plethora of reasons, including being blacklisted from Hollywood after coming forward with sexual assault allegations against Philip Berk, a former President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and issues with his personal health. But he slowly began to return to work around 2016, with appearances in TV shows like The Affair, Trust and Titans. In 2021, Fraser was cast as the lead Darren Aronofsky’s film The Whale. Fraser’s performance was highly praised, eventually leading to a nomination (his first), at the 2023 Academy Awards for Best Actor.

We love a good, hearty comeback story. In the meantime, enjoy these wonderful, youthful pictures of Brendan Fraser from some of his biggest roles.

‘School Ties’ (1992) – Credit:, Paramount
‘Gods and Monsters’ (1998) – Credit:, Lionsgate


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  1. He’s also been in Doom Patrol, even if it’s more of a voice role most of the time.

    I remember my then boyfriend got really into him from the Not Tarzan movie and was disappointed with his weight gain when he found his more recent stuff.


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