Fubar’s Jay Krymis Brings A New Nightlife Space To West Hollywood

One thing is clear; the much-missed Fubar in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles is not moving into the old Gym bar space. WeHo nightlife maven/Fubar owner  Jay Krymis is about to rejuvenate the former home of the hold sports bar, turning it into a brand new nightlife space that in his words (to the WeHo Times) is going to be “gay gay gay”. The community and the WeHo boys were abuzz that Krymis would be moving Fubar to the former Gym space, but his new establishment (with a name TBD) will have an entirely different concept. 

Photo by Fernie Rojo-WEHO TIMES

For the new space, Krymis has a different aesthetic planned, but will most likely have the same attention to detail that Krymis demonstrated at Fubar. Krymis told WeHo Times “Fubar needs to be a more edgy, Eastcoast, Meatpacking district kind of vibe,” he said. “This new space is going to be a cool, fun, neighborhood bar. It’s going to be a chill gay, gay, gay bar. If the landlord approves, I want to put some sliding garage doors to give it an open feel. I met with a landscaper today and want to it be a casual and super fun bar. It won’t be sports or down and dirty, which I love at Fubar, but great cocktail at an affordable price kind of place. Nothing high falutin. I want to make it feel like it’s been there for a long time and make it cozy.”


The question many still have for Krymis is what is the future of Fubar, which remains closed, and has been since the pandemic. While Krymis has signed a lease for another decade and has plans for the legendary spot that he is not able to discuss right now. Krymis plans to tackle his new pet project at the old Gym space (which he hopes to have open in February or March of next year), then return his focus back to Fubar. Never fear though, boys of WeHo-Fubar is most definitely returning. Krymis simply said “Fubar is coming back in the same old Fubar spot, but it needs to be cleaned up a bit”.

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  1. Exciting indeed! Just to leave a discordant note however. The WeHo scene is being literally polluted by many homeless. Can’t the cops move them back to DTLA when they belong? So we can stay clean and pure.

    [Founded biggest Meetup.com group LA Free Concerts]


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