Fugitive Who Died In A Miami Shootout Also Robbed A Gay Man At Gunpoint

Image via the Miami Police Department

A Florida man died in a shootout with Miami Police, and now the authorities are saying he was the suspect in a hate crime related case.

According to the ABC Local 10 News, a shootout happened outside the Miami International Airport this Thursday night.

FBI Special Agent Brian Waterman said at an onsite news briefing that the police had followed a fugitive in a car chase before the suspect, armed with a rifle, exchanged fire with the cops.

While no police officers or civilians were harmed, the fugitive died at the scene.

Hotel guests at the nearby DoubleTree By Hilton were alarmed to hear gunshots in the night. One woman staying at the Hotel recorded the scene from her balcony. You can watch that footage below.

While Waterman would not share the identity of the fugitive directly after the shooting, he did share that the man was involved in an earlier hate crime.

News then later came that the fugitive was 40-year-old Alexander Carballido.

Police records show that Carballido has had run-ins with the law before. Crballido was convicted of kidnappings, aggravated battery, carjacking with a deadly weapon, fleeing and eluding police, and aggravated assault on a police officer before, but was released from prison on July 1.

Sadly, Carballido decided to continue his crimes after being released. Specifically, Carballido decided to terrorize a 36-year-old man after identifying him as gay.

The victim says that Carballido probably noticed him at the XXX store near the airport and realized that “a lot of gay men go there.”

Afterwards, the victim, who works as an Uber Driver and security guard, says Carballido somehow found the man's contact info and reached out with a potential job opportunity. The victim then invited Carballido to his home.

Once there, Carbillido became hostile. He threatened the victim with a pistol, forced the victim to take his clothes off, hit the victim with the gun, and stole both $500 worth of cash and thousands worth of jewelry.

The police were unwilling to say if the prior hate crime case was connected to the police chase that ended Carballido’s life, but the victim told Local 10 News that he was with police during the shooting and was told by a detective, “You can go home in peace. It’s all over.”

h/t: ABC Local 10 News

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