Funko Releases Drag Race Figurines!

Funko Releases Drag Race Figurines!

We Want More!

Girl, the Funkos are about to start throwing shade! If you aren’t familiar with Funko; they are an endless amount of oddly shaped parodies of your favorite celebrities and memorable television and film characters. Personally, I don’t own any of these, but just recently purchased some of these little guys as a Christmas gift. They are actually pretty cute! I constantly see them around my office and it seems to be an easy present to get for someone who you may not too much of. Basically, you cannot go wrong with a Funko…especially now, because, well – our favorite drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race are a part of the Funko collection!

Yes, you’ve heard that correct. Funko has released three Funko drag queens! For starters, we have of course, RuPaul…if there wasn’t RuPaul, I’m certain there’d be an outrage. She wears her classic drag race outfit from the show’s opening credits. Arguably, it’s likely the most seen outfit she’s worn.

Next are two of the leading Ru Girls: Alaska Thunderf*ck and Trixie Mattel. I wonder how many of the show’s contestants are being bitter betty’s right now that they weren’t chosen?! I wonder why these two, out of everyone, were selected. Alaska won the most recent season of All Stars…and now Trixie is a part of the season premiering this month. Is this foreshadowing!? Check out the three in full view below:

Regardless, I’m certain that plenty more queens are about to pop up in this collection. I’m sure they are working on a Valentina Funko as we speak.

To add these queens to your collection, you’re gonna have to visit some Hot Topic stores, as they are exclusively being sold this month.

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