Funny Guy Michael Henry Has Become A ‘Winker’

Dr. Andrew Neighbors (screen capture)

Living in the current COVID-19 world, funnyman Michael Henry has been working on a solution to his one big issue with wearing face masks: how to flirt.

And the answer is? Becoming a ‘winker.’


Sitting appropriately socially distanced in the park, Henry explains his new technique to hunky optometrist Andrew.

“I’m a big smiler, and guys can’t see how sweet and sensual I am with these masks on – look,” says Henry as be breaks into a dead corpse state.

Yeah, that isn’t going to get it done.

Michael Henry (screen capture)

The problem for Henry is he “gives off a lot of social cues ‘orally.'” Read that however you like…

Andrew’s not convinced, though, in part because he thinks winking is “creepy.”

“It’s not!” insists Henry. “It’s friendly – it’s flirtatious – it’s coy – it’s CONFIDENT!”

Andrew: “I feel like when guys wink at me it just means they want to f$%k me.”


Henry: “Yeah, that too. I want guys to know I’m DTF…but also coy and confident.”

Cue the slow-motion demonstration. #creepy

Asking the obvious, Andrew wonders why Henry doesn’t just say hello to guys.


“Cause that’s not coy – AND I’M COY!,” insists a demur Henry before adding, “ And I’m DTF.”

Andrew still isn’t convinced but it turns out he has his own issue the approach: he’s wink-challenged.

But that’s alright because Andrew has figured out his own way to break the ice and let guys know he’s DTF that usually works.

p.s. it works


Hit the play button to see Andrew’s solution (which also tends to bring out the Gay Bottom Mafia).

By the way, in case you noticed the hottie Andrew, head over to his Instagram account where 337K people check in on the good doctor and self-described ‘wizard.’

Happy Hump Day!



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