Funny: Viewers Demand More Male Full-Frontal On HBO

Have you ever noticed the amount of female nudity on HBO? Why so little "full frontal" from the male characters?


The ladies of College Humor called out HBO a few years ago demanding equal time for their viewing pleasure asking for more 'Full Monty' from men on the premium channel.

And still today, they have a point, don't they?

"We're not saying 'no more boobs," say the girls. "We just think you should show dong."

"I want a little 'Dude Tube' on my 'Boob Tube,'" says another.


They even point out the easy opportunities the channel blew. "You had a show called Hung about a guy with a big d*ck – and we never got to see it??”

"Game of Thrones? We were promised a 'storm of swords.'"


The ladies come armed with suggestions – like two guys showing naked peen. You know, like, comparing sizes. 

"Ooh, and it's a tie, so then they have to wrestle naked and there's some cross-dong action."

No argument here 😉

I think these ladies have a point. And to be fair, they offer up a compromise: “For every minute we have to sit through this dumb double standard, you owe us an inch of Grade A man meat.”


Since nothing's really changed, it's time to level the playing field.

What do you say, HBO?

Watch the video below.



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