Funny Viral Video Makes Us Ask, What Are We Waiting For?

A funny viral video from late December may help some of us out with a New Year's resolution.  Have a watch and see what you think.




Yes, it was predictable that he either was blind or acting visually impaired. It was still fun to watch.

But it brings up a couple different scenarios about meeting people in public:

SCENARIO 1 – How do you react when someone is giving you the once, twice, three times over of a life time? I mean, of course it depends on who is doing the eye groping. We have to be attracted to the person to acknowledge the attention they are giving us with those eyes, the look, the head nod.

So how do you approach that ice cream licking hottie?  At that point, he's done all the work by putting that tongue out there, the eyes, and the everything else. It's pretty easy, right? Just go and say hello?  We can do that.

SCENARIO 2 – What do you do when you find someone worthy of the ice cream cone treatment?  How do you approach someone in a bar? In a public place? One of my New Years resolutions is to get out there and try to enjoy more male companionship in 2018.  But how do you get the ball rolling?

I know I am not the only one out there that has Scenario 2 happening more than Scenario 1.  And I know there are more men out there than just me looking to have a little better game.  Besides carrying an ice cream with you at all times, what could you suggest in saying hello to that man from across the bar? I'm not looking for advice on how to better  my sex app profile.  I'm looking for more real man-to-man real people breathing the same air in the same place advice.

Until I get better advice than just walking over and saying hello, I'll be doing just that in 2018.  I'll let you know how that is working. But are you willing to give some advice to me and fellow Instinct readers?  Leave them on Facebook, Twitter, or below.

– What ice-breaker lines have worked best for you?

– Do you have any that are not sexual in nature?

– How do you turn someone down that approaches you and you are not interested?


What do you think?