Funnyman Michael Henry Addresses The New Question: Condoms Vs. PrEP?

Michael Henry and the Gay Bottom Mafia are back with a humorous look at whether condoms are passe now that we have PrEP.


In the new YouTube video, funnyman Michael Henry stumbles across what appears to be a funeral in a public park.

“We’re saying goodbye to an old pal who’s crossed over to the other side…,” says actor Nathan Mohebbi.

Concerned, Henry inquires, “You’re saying goodbye to your 28 inch waist?”

“No,” declares an indignant Mohebbi.


Henry then turns to John Hartman asking, “Your tight hole?”

“No!” says Hartman.

The Gay Bottom Mafia (acting as a Greek chorus of sorts) chimes in with the answer: “Condoms.”


It appears Mohebbi Hartman and the GBM have decided ‘old outdated’ condoms are dead to them now that PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) is here.

But Henry offers that he still uses condoms when having sex with a new sex partner. “It’s smart of me because I’m not on PrEP,” shares Henry.

And our hero adds, “Do I need to remind you that you can still get all the STIs?”


But Hartman, Mohebbi and the Gay Bottom Mafia say gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis can be handled with a simple shot.

Does this all boil down to a case of slut shaming? Condom shaming? Shame shaming?

Watch the video below for those answers.

Kudos to Henry for the use of sound effects – you’ll see what we mean.


(h/t Michael Henry)

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