FV Magazine Debutes A Stunning Rihanna “Doppelganger” From Brazil – And Our Minds Are Blown!

I had not heard of FV Magazine before, but I must admit after a friend tagged me in one of FV’s recent posts I fell in love with their Instagram page. From cutting edge, avant-garde fashion, style and travel images to smoking hot pix of one of their favorite divas – Rihanna, FV Magazine’s IG account offers the perfect Lux getaway escapism and I’m here for it, in the age of mundane COVID-19 lockdowns.


Judging by their follower numbers of nearly 200,000 on Instagram, clearly, I’m not the only one who is loving the FV account.

Speaking of Rihanna, FV Magazine recently blew my mind with a post featuring the Barbados-born, pop music mogul. At first, I thought it was a promo video for a new upcoming Rihanna single, or perhaps @badgirlriri just home alone playing around making selfie videos (as she often does), but imagine my surprises when I realized the young woman was not Rihanna at all!

Nope, according to FV Magazine, the girl happens to be just a beautiful, green-eyed girl from Brazil who looks alarmingly like the mega-selling “Umbrella” beauty. This revelation still has me shook!

I was floored to learn that the unknown beauty was not Rihanna. Countless others in the thread shared my disbelief. I freaked out and reached out to FV Magazine to find out who she was and if Rihanna had seen her?


They responded that they had in fact, tagged Rihanna in the post, as did many others (I tagged her, like GUUUURL!). They are hopefully awaiting a response. I next inquired about the young woman’s identity, but I was told they’d be releasing it soon. Mmmmmm, it all seems very deliberate and covert, but very intriguing.

Rihanna Paris Vogue Cover

There is literally no information about the mysterious doppelganger in the post. The only caption in the photo was the obvious taunt, “Riri Lil’ Sister?” So this is possibly a great marketing ploy to promote something coming, or just at the very least to alert the world that there is a woman on earth, in Brazil, running around with Rihanna’s exact face and green eyes.

This is outrageous. They look like identical twins, and I have no idea what FV Magazine is up to, but Wow, am I intrigued by this. In life, many of us see people who bear a strong resemblance to others. Like for example, I’m still not convinced that Zooey Deschanel and Katey Perry are not the same people.

In this instance, though, it’s so next level, this girl could be Rihanna’s identical twin. I mean there’s a “Doppelgänger” – and then there’s a need to sit your parents down and ask them point-blank, “Um, is there something you guys need to tell me?”

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