FX Drops the Deadliest Teaser of ‘American Horror Story: NYC’

FX has been releasing character posters one by one for the new season of ‘American Horror Story,’ which is set in New York City.

First off, ‘Star Trek’ actor Zachary Quinto’s poster was revealed, and his character Sam was portrayed as someone who seemingly enjoys whips.


Next up was the character Adam, played by ‘Teen Wolf’ star Charlie Carver who is not only starring in the upcoming season, but also co-wrote episode 2.


The latest reveal, which was posted on October 6, was British actor Russell Tovey’s character Patrick, who is most likely a New York detective.

‘American Horror Story: NYC’ will feature a variety of actors and actresses, including Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Sandra Bernhard, Isaac Cole Powell, Denis O’Hare, and Patti LuPone.


‘Boys in the Band’ star Joe Mantello will also have his ‘AHS’ debut in Season 11. Aside from the intriguing character posters, FX also recently dropped a kinky and creepy teaser video of Season 11.

In the teaser, the season was described as the “deadliest year,” which seems to imply that it will feature a series of murders, as well as the HIV/AIDS crisis that struck New York City in the early 1980s.

‘American Horror Story: NYC,’ which has ten episodes, is scheduled to premiere on FX on October 19. In the meantime, here’s the teaser video to keep you anticipating for it.


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