‘Fyre Fraud’ Viral Star Andy King Has A Super Cute Boyfriend

Credit: Netflix

Andy King, who dropped jaws during the Netflix documentary Fyre Fraud when he declared he would “suck d–k” to provide Evian water to patrons at the unbelievably awful music fest, has found love!

And with a much younger man too! The 58-year-old went social media official with his new guy on Wednesday, July 15, and his fans couldn’t be happier for him. “It only took 58 years to find true love,” he captioned next to an Instagram pic of them cuddled up at a beach.

The guy in question is named Craig McBlain. He’s 26, from Scotland and is adorable beyond belief. “Unexpected couple of days in Miami and at Ultra Festival. Plus met the famous Andy King from the Fyre Documentary,” he captioned a selfie of them together in April 2019.

For those unaware of who Andy is, he participated in the 2017 Fyre Fraud documentary that was about the much-talked about Fyre Festival, which came under an incredible amount of scrutiny after tour promoter Billy McFarland failed to provide what he promised to attendees on several levels.

Andy claimed that Billy asked him to offer his oral sex services to a customs officer in the Bahamas in order to get the shipment of water needed for the festival attendees. Yes, you heard that right. Sounds like something out of a Falcon Studios movie but this allegedly did happen. 

Anyways, here’s a couple more photos of Andy’s sexy new guy. Congrats on finding love mister!

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