Gabriel Attal Becomes France’s First Out Prime Minister

Photo Credit: @gabrielattal on Instagram

Homophobes, gird your loins and clutch your pearls. The gays are taking over the world!

History was made on January 9th when Gabriel Attal, age 34, became France’s Prime Minister. With this monumental event, Attal becomes the youngest Prime Minister in the country’s history, the youngest state leader in the world, and the first openly gay politician to serve the world power. 


I was under the impression that the word prime minister means Attal was President of France. This is untrue. It appears that he is the equivalent of America’s Secretary of State. 

Attal replaces former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, age 62, who held the position for 1.5 years. Attal and Borne both served under President Emmanuel Macron, age 39, who is also historic for being the youngest President to lead France. 


In a statement provided by The New York Times, Macron is quoted as saying:

I know that I can count on your energy and your commitment to push through the project of civic rearmament and regeneration that I have announced. In loyalty to the spirit of 2017: transcendence and boldness.

Gabriel previously served as the Minister of National Education & Youth in 2018 and 2023 and the Minister of Public Action & Accounts in 2022. He’s a member of the Renaissance Party, which is described online as liberal and centrist. 

Gabriel was outed by a former classmate in 2018. 


Congratulations on making French, world and gay history, Prime Minister Attal. And may I just say, you’re also quite the cutie patootie. 

(source: New York Times)

3 thoughts on “Gabriel Attal Becomes France’s First Out Prime Minister”

  1. Definitely not the equivalent of an America’s Secretary of State. In France, a Secretary of State (Secrétaire d’État) is a junior minister, responsible to a minister or TO the Prime Minister. It is not to be confused with the Minister of State title given to a senior French cabinet minister of particular importance. In, short Attal is much more like the british PM, head of the government and have all other ministers under control and supervision. But yes, he’s rather cute (and has recently became single again). On your marks, get set…

  2. I’m a bit perplexed as to why the Prime Minister would be considered to have the rank of a Secretary of State. The PM is the head of the government, but a Secretary of State is not.


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