Gaga’s Father Under Fire For Asking Public To Pay His Restaurant Staff

I’m not sure what to make of this story because something does seem to be a little off considering the level of wealth and celebrity involved. However, MSN is reporting that Lady Gaga’s father Joe Germanotta got dragged all over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and beyond for recently launching a Gofundme account to help him raise $50,000 to pay his staff wages during his restaurant’s closing amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Now, of course, at first glance, the story presents a noble cause, and in fact, there have been countless similar and successful efforts by restaurants across the country. Foodservice workers and hospitality staff are among the hardest hit by the on-going health crisis, so the sentiment to want to help them is warranted.

That said, social meeting was left feeling some type of way about Papa Germanotta’s public philanthropy solicitation to pay his staff.

According to Newsweek, Mr. Germanotta started the $50,000 goal – GoFundMe campaign on Friday, and tweeted it out with the caption, 

 “I’m doing the best I can, but we had to close Joanne for the month. Our staff needs some help financially. “Any help for our employees will be appreciated.”

The tweet has since been deleted, following swift backlash from the public such as,

“You are wealthy, and your daughter is beyond wealthy. This is just so disgusting that you would ask this of others!” one Twitter user said. 

Another added,

“Why don’t you ask your rich daughter to help you pay your employees? Just saying.”

Now, I know what you all must be thinking – Lady Gaga’s money is her own and should not be conflated with any notion that her father is wealthy too. But the problem with that is according to Forbes Magazine,

“Gaga made $39.5 million last year, and her net worth is said to be around $300 million. In 2011, the New York Post reported that she gives half of her earnings to her dad.

So I don’t know how much money the Germonatta’s have collectively as a family, but if Twitter was looking for one good reason to drag Gaga’s Papa, apparently there are 300 million really good reasons to consider.


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