Gal Gadot & A Galaxy Of Celebrities Sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”

One thing we are seeing during this quarantine is that it has inspired creativity and provided people with the ability to give back to others in a very unique way. This is no more evident than in the video that popped up on Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot’s Instagram yesterday. She simply said  “Hi, guys. Day six in self-quarantine. And I gotta say, these past few days got me feeling a bit philosophical,” Gadot said in her video on Wednesday. “This virus has affected the entire world. Everyone. Doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from. We’re all this together.” With that, a stunningly star-studded rendition of John Lennon’s iconic peace anthem “Imagine” commenced. 

A number of Gadot’s Wonder Woman co-stars joined in on this impromptu rendition of the iconic peace song. Everyone from Kirsten Dunst (who plays Cheetah in the Wonder Woman sequel) to co-star Pedro Pascal, to 1970’s icon and original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter. Sia checked in with her own divine and soaring vocals, while Jimmy Fallon and Sarah Silverman delivered their own cheeky lines of the song. Other celebrities included in the video were Jamie Dornan, Labrinth, James Marsden, Eddie Benjamin, Zoe Kravitz, Amy Adams, Leslie Odom, Jr, Chris O’Dowd, Will Ferrell, Mark Ruffalo, Norah Jones, Ashley Benson, Kaia Gerber, Cara Delevingne, Annie Mumolo, and Maya Rudolph.

At the end of the video, Gadot sang the last hopeful line of the song: “And the world will be as one”.

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