Garbage Releases Title Track From Upcoming Album, ‘No Gods No Masters’

Garbage releases new single, “No Gods No Masters.” (Photo Credit: Garbage Official Twitter Account)

They are the band synonymous with the songs “Only Happy When It Rains,” “Push It,” “Stupid Girl,” “Queer,” and many other songs.  For 26 years, Garbage has made music that skirts the boundaries between the pop and alternative genres.  Now Garbage is back with two new songs from its forthcoming seventh album, No Gods No Masters

From the band’s YouTube channel, Shirley Manson, lead singer of Garbage explains:


“This is our seventh record, the significant numerology of which affected the DNA of its content: the seven virtues, the seven sorrows, and the seven deadly sins.”

Released on March 30, the first single from the upcoming album is called “The Men Who Rule The World” and the message behind it is well-deserved vilification of the patriarchy. The first verse of the song expresses this very well:

The men who rule the world

Have made a fucking mess

The history of power

The worship of success

The king is in the counting house

He’s chairman of the board

The women who crowd the courtrooms all accused of being whores

Have a look and listen to the band’s wonderful new music video directed by Chilean film director Javi Miamor.


“No Gods No Masters,” the title track and second single from Garbage’s new album, was released on April 28. Manson describes her inspiration for the song:

“I tried to make sense of the world, I was trying to make sense of left and right, literally. Like why do some people vote right? Why do some people vote left? And all of that comes from a concern for ourselves, for our friends, for our families, ultimately, for our babies. I was really inspired by going to Chile. I went to Santiago during the protests there, which were profoundly moving. We were driving down the street, and the whole city was covered in graffiti, like all the old museums and palaces. And I was shocked. The beautiful people that I was with said, ‘But why are you so shocked? We’re protesting human lives and you’re more shocked that property and buildings and monuments have been hurt here. And, in fact, human beings are being hurt, and this is what you must focus on.’ That was like a slap in the face.”


No Gods No Masters will be released on June 11 on all digital and streaming platforms.


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