Garrett Clayton Celebrates 12 Years of Love with Husband Blake Knight

Garrett Clayton recently celebrated 12 years of love with screenwriter Blake Knight, and he penned a heartfelt message for his husband.

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The couple has been married for two years now after tying the knot on their tenth anniversary. To commemorate their love, Clayton shared a montage video of their wedding, and he posted it with a sweet anniversary greeting looking back on their relationship.


“Happy anniversary @hrhblakeknight !!! 12 years ago we met and two years ago today we got married. I love you, my darling,” the 32-year-old American actor and singer began his message.

He continued,

“I always say I dreamed to meet someone like my great grandparents did. They met when they were 17 and lived their lives together till they were 80. I didn’t expect that when we met when I was 19, you 23, that it would happen.”

“And I’ve been grateful for you ever since. You make my life feel so full in every way. I’ll always feel like the waiter who met the handsome assistant, chasing our dreams together. I love you and happy anniversary ♥️,” Clayton further expressed.


Moreover, Knight previously shared about how him and Clayton met.

“I met you just after you’d moved to LA, and I was fresh out of college. You were working at a 24-hour diner and I was an assistant. You were hesitant to be in a relationship because you were pursuing your dream. And I said ‘Keep pursuing it; and I’ll keep pursuing you.’ And you did. And I did,” Knight wrote three years ago for his anniversary message to Clayton.


Also, here’s his 12th anniversary post:

A lovely couple indeed. Happy 12th Anniversary to Garrett Clayton and Blake Knight! <3


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  1. Congrats to both of them. Garrett’s husband is one lucky man, of the gay actors out there he has one of the sexiest assets around.


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