Garrett Clayton Plays Heartthrob Link Larkin In Hairspray Live!

As I am watching NBC's Hairspray Live! tonight, all I could focus on was dat ass!  Okay, the Redi-Whip boy was delicious, too, but Garrett Clayton playing heartthrob Link Larkin was stealing the show for me.  Did anyone else have the issue of just seeing him and only him when he was in front of the camera?

Yes, we've seen him basically naked in the porno-biography King Cobra, but some of us had never seen him on television before.  My good man, put you on anything and I will watch.  The body, the arms, and that smile!  Swoon.  Ok,  I'll calm down for a bit.  There's time for a cold shower during commercials.

In a recent interview with People TV, Clayton opened up about playing Link.


“It’s why I relate to Link,” Clayton said. “There’s all these idealistic things that TV and movies tell you that you should want to be. And when you’re growing up, you find out what you really care about and what really matters.”

“Link learns that sometimes, the things you want in life aren’t in line with your heart — but that your dreams can come true if you stand up for what you believe in,” he added.

What matters to Link is Tracy Turnblad (newcomer Maddie Baillio) – the energetic optimist as the center of Hairspray. Their love story is a pure one in many ways, with Link singing to her, “Tracy I’m in love with you no matter what you weigh!”

“It’s a huge message,” Clayton said. “We live in such a society where there are all these unrealistic expectations placed on women. It’s a really good message to say ‘Love yourselves and love the people around you for who they are — not necessarily for what they look like.’ ”

“We all fall in love with someone for the person they are — not because of their race, their hair or any of the frivolous things that go away in time,” he continued. –


We'll let you know how we liked the production when it is over.  As of now, we're liking what we see.  Oh,  he just sang, "It Takes Two."  Can we be your plus one?

Good job so far, NBC.



h/t:, photos: Andrew Eccles/NBC, Maddie Baillio/NBC

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