Gatorgate?: PETA Calls Out’s in trouble with PETA, but the director says no animal was harmed during their shooting. / Photo credit: Twitter @Men is under fire after it used an animal as a prop for its latest scene.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (or PETA) is known of its crusades in the name of protecting animal rights. Sometimes, they are known for going too far to make their point, and is their newest fight more of the same or justifiable?


The animal rights organization has turned its attention towards gay adult film studio The gay site released a trailer which shows an alligator hanging out in the background of a sex scene, starring Diego Sans and Kaleb Stryker, in the upcoming film The Everglades.

Director Mar MacNamara also shared behind-the-scenes photos and video of the alligator, which you can look at below.


After PETA caught wind of this trailer and recording, Director Elisa Allen reached out to Gay Star News to express her distaste for the scene.

“No matter what humans are getting up to on set, wild animals should be left to their own private lives, never used as props or decorations.”

“They deserve to be spared the confusion, stress, confinement, and exposure to bright lights and loud noises that are inevitable on a film set – and the distress caused by shifting them from place to place – which is why PETA urges all film directors to work only with willing, human actors.”

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MacNamara then responded to PETA by saying no animals were harmed during the shooting. One alligator was only recorded in the background.

“No animals were corralled, moved or used as props. No lighting was used,” he expressed.

“When they came near, we backed off to respect their natural migration and worked with a conservationist to protect their habitat,” he added.

“As anytime you film outside – animals might come near. But they were documented not directed. We respect, love and protect all animals. These alligators were absolutely majestic beauties and our priority was respect and non-interference with nature.”

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