Gay Activist Attacked At A Jewlery Store Dies After Getting Arrested

A Greek activist and drag performer was found dead in what looks like the aftermath of a bar fight.


Euro News reports that 33-year-old Zak Kostopoulos died on Friday after a brutal attack in central Athens.

According to a Facebook post by Greek LGBTQ activist Gregory Valliantos, Kostopoulos fled to a jewelry store after a fight had started at a nearby café.

That said, that social media post isn’t the only online coverage of the incident. The attack was caught on camera, video found below, and shows two men assaulting Kostopoulos.

The video shows a man, presumably Kostopolous, trying to break free from a locked jewelry store by hitting a glass door with a fire extinguisher. He later tries to crawl out through an opening in the glass, but is then kicked in the head by two men.


The man is then swarmed by a crowd of people but somehow escapes. He then hobbled his way from the group before police came to handcuff him.

While Kostopolous was taken to the hospital by stretcher, he later died while in transit, according to GCN.

Police are currently investigating the situation and the security footage.


Despite the body being studied, Kostopoulos’s death was reported as “inconclusive.”

“[The body] did not bear injuries that justify death,” Nikos Kalogrias, one of the coroners, told news sources. “He has some bruises across his body — small injuries which alone do not cause death — so we continue with further laboratory examinations.”

Meanwhile, the owner of the jewelry store and the owner of a nearby business have both been arrested. Police say they were the two men who originally kicked Kostopoulos.

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