Gay Afro-Latino Gabriel Acevero Won The Primary for A Maryland House of Delegates Seat

A gay Afro-Latino man won the primary on his journey to becoming a Maryland delegate.

The results of the primary for the Maryland House of Delegates happened this past Tuesday (June 26), and Gabriel Acevero came out victorious.

Acevero is an openly gay Afro-Latino man who won second place in the Democratic primary for House District 39 with 20.2 percent. In Maryland, a multi-member system is used per district, so winning second place still counts as winning.

That said, Acevero still has a second election coming up in November if he wants to make it to the General Assembly.

While Acevero won his election, there were a few other LGBTQ people who ran and lost. Openly bisexual Mila Johns, for instance, ran for House District 18, but sadly came in sixth. In addition, openly gay Kevin Mack, who’s also living with HIV, ran for House District 15, but came in fifth.

“A year ago I decided to plunge into a world I never thought I would enter and run for public office,” wrote Johns on her campaign’s Facebook page. “Tonight that amazing journey has concluded for now. I would like to thank the thousands of friends, neighbors, and supporters who voted for me, and the many wonderful organizations who endorsed me and my candidacy for delegate.”

It seems all of their hopes will now move on with Gabriel Acevero.

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