‘Gay And Broke’ – It Hurts Because It’s Real.

The employment cycle is not a solid thing for some of us. Unemployment happens, downsizing occurs, and then there's just the time you're "looking for the right job."  Being broke is no fun, but we make it happen … and then our gay friends come along.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights out with Saturday day drinking and Sunday brunches that extend into Sunday Funday … the social calendar can become very full and expensive. Then there are vacations.  Which one do you save up for if you can and which one do you throw on the zero percent credit card once it's paid off?

I've lived comfortably and been poor and have lived comfortably while poor.  I'm overly open about my finances with my friends. When I was working two part time jobs and working on my masters, I still had fun and friends knew what levels of fun could be had.  Thank goodness for a good group of friends.

And it goes without saying, it's no fun being poor.  I recall a conversation with one of my friends where he said in so many words that he wouldn't want to date someone that doesn't have money to travel and go on vacation. He didn't want to be hindered by someone's lack of income and I understand that completely.   If I couldn't travel, life would be so much less fun.

Are you the gay and poor one of your group of friends? Have a look-see at Michael Henry's comical take on being "Gay and Poor."




I never at the hard boiled eggs.  There was a good amount of canned tuna, but never the egg.

Thanks Michael Henry for a good laugh at ourselves.  When we meet up in Los Angeles, I'll bring the lemons, you bring the sugar.


h/t: Michael Henry YouTube Channel

Song written by: Michael Henry and Hughie Stone Fish
Song performed and produced by Hughie Stone Fish at the Aquarium
Directed by: Paul McGovern Jr. insta: pmcg34
DP: Austin Dodge

Hughie Stone Fish: insta: hughiestonefish
Michael Henry Snap: youngmichael915

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