Gay Black Couples Are Tweeting The Love TV Won’t Show Us

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Now, this is a Twitter moment we can get behind.

On May 12, writer and producer Kirk A. Moore (American Crime, 13 Reasons Why, and Runaways) posted to Twitter. Moore asked a simple question that ended up getting A LOT of responses. And responses the internet desperately needed.

On Twitter, Moore wrote, “If you’re a Black gay male with a Black partner — post a pic. I’m trying to see something.”

Following Kirk A. Moore up on his open call for pictures, many Black gay men shared photos of themselves and their Black male lovers. And, now the thread is trending on Twitter. As of this article’s publishing, the tweet has received over 4.5k likes, 1.8k retweets, and nearly 600 responses.

Check out some of the pictures shared in the thread.

Honestly, there are SO MANY more posts. So, please check out the thread.

By why did Kirk A. Moore post the original tweet. He says it’s to show that there are MANY black queer men dating other Black queer men. Yet, tv shows and movies have yet to catch onto that fact.

“Y’all silence is why we keep getting Ken and Jerome onscreen,” he tweeted when the original post initially had a slow response.

“My thing is…,” he later added in a following tweet. “Most gay relationships are NOT interracial relationships. I’m tired of these people not showing us Black couples. They exist. Everywhere.”

Unfortunately, Kirk A. Moore is very right. Tv and Film representation for Black queer men is very sparse to begin with. And for the most part, Black queer male characters don’t end up dating other Black queer men. The most noticeable exceptions being Lionel Higgins in Dear White People; Chiron and Kevin from Moonlight; the cast from Noah’s Arc; Damon Richards-Evangelista, Ricky Evangelista, and Pray Tell from Pose; and Jamal Lyon and Kai in Empire. But, that’s about it.

Based on the response to Kirk A. Moore’s tweet and the following thread, many people agree.

1 thought on “Gay Black Couples Are Tweeting The Love TV Won’t Show Us”

  1. The entertainment industry has been and is still very narrow in it’s portrayals.
    Not sure about anyone else, but my high school/university/work places did not have that many beautiful people in designer outfits and their own sports cars.
    The same goes for representation of gay people of colour.
    When I see gay couples, I see people of every size, colour, shape, … Not only the white 22 yr old gym bunnies in short shorts (not that there’s anything wrong with them)
    Media goes to the tried/true and would never present a series with two black gay leads who are in the mid 40s. Men who don’t have 6 pack abs, are not out partying every night, living in mansions, or travelling to 5+ star vacations.
    Which is sad as the world is so much more interesting than media ever presents.


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