Gay Black Man Raising Younger Sister Attacked In Near Fatal Stabbing

Images via Anthony Crumbley and GoFundMe

Boston police are currently on the lookout for two suspects in the stabbing of a gay man. Meanwhile, the victim is looking for assistance while he recovers.

According to CBS Boston, 25-year-old Anthony Crumbley was stabbed on December 18 around 10:45 p.m. near West Broadway and F Street. After the attack, Crumbley was sent to the nearby Boston Medical Center for life-threatening injuries. Since then, he has remained in the hospital on recovery.


According to Crumbley’s testimony, he was walking home from a bar when he was attacked.

“The two males and a female approached me and two males attacked me and stabbed me in my neck and in my stomach, and pretty much ran and left me there,” he recalled.

Image via Anthony Crumbley and GoFundMe

Despite police saying there’s not yet any indication that the attack was charged by homophobia, Crumbley believes the attack was a hate crime.


“I believe it was an attack that had to do with gay hate because, you know, I dress very femme and I’m a very outspoken person,” argued Crumbley.

Crumbley also noted that he’s afraid to go home until an arrest is made. While Crumbley will be left with several scars, nerve damage, and an unfunctioning left arm from the attack, he says that the mental scar, trauma, and complication to his way of living is what worries him the most at the moment.

“Come forward and give up the information on who they are, because this is terrifying for me. This type of trauma,” he said.

Image via Anthony Crumbley and GoFundMe

Crumbley elaborated on these thoughts further on a GoFundMe page he created to help fund his recovery and cover his expenses during his time off work.

“I’m scared truthfully knowing they are still out here on the streets and could do this to me again at anytime,” Crumbley confessed. “This traumatizing situation has left me hopeless, after waking up from being in a coma for 4 days in the icu at Boston Medical’ and im STILL here in the icu’ now writing this on my birthday December 26th. Before all this happen i was very energetic and outgoing always doing what was needed to make ends meet for me and my younger sister.  I just don’t know how im going to make ends meet now with this gained disability from my attackers, im now left with a unfunctional left arm due to the severed nerves in my C6 section of my shoulder.  I have to figure out how im going to ever finish raising my sister the way she deserves and give her everything i never had.”

Image via Anthony Crumbley and GoFundMe

Crumbley also noted that he is the sole guardian of his 12-year-old sister after their mother died of Leukemia last year. He hopes that the money raised in the GoFundMe page will help him stay afloat.


Crumbley also shared pictures of his injuries (found above). The photos show heavy medical stitch work on his stomach and neck. As of this article’s publishing, over 300 people donated more than $11,000 to Anthony Crumbley’s GoFundMe page.

The police investigation continues.

Source: CBS Boston,

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