Gay Bottoms, Stay Strong During Quarantine

Image via YouTube @MichaelHenry

“Wow, they were that desperate for a man’s touch….”

Check in with your friends in the gay bottom mafia, they’re going through it right now. Of course, sexual preferences in the roles you play in bed (or out of it) aren’t the only factors in the thirst game. ‘Cause we know there are tops and verse men out here thirstin’ with the rest of us. But, there’s something strong in the thirst that bottoms across the globe are feeling right now. And that’s a fact that YouTube comedian Michael Henry knows oh too well.


Sharing this reality with the world, Henry made a video all about the desire for quarantine D. The desire is strong, and it’s in every one of us. To spotlight this, Henry talks to a bottom in need (played by Calvin Seabrooks). The two bond over the loss of intimacy, but Henry pushes the message that we have to stay smart during the pandemic.

“It’s hard right now to go without touch or affection and for us queer people to not have our queer safe spaces for us to congregate out with our peers like at bars or clubs,” Henry said in words transcribed by Towleroad. “We just have to do our best to be as strong as we can right now until things cool down. Go home. Sit on something there.”

Check out the video below.

Source: Towleroad

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