Gay Boys Everywhere Can Now Dream Of Their Own Fairy Tale Wedding. Here’s Two To Get Those Dreams Started.

What wedding that you have attended sticks out in your mind the most?


There were 4 of us that were very tight in college, three girls and myself. We all joked who would be the last one to get married, but I knew the answer and I had public policy to back me up on that.  But a boy could dream no? 

The first wedding that happened was Cindy's.  Taking place in 3 different Ohio cities and lasted 15 hours, finally ending at a Four Seasons Hotel, the wedding was epic.  Jen's New Hampshire wedding was a small town affair to which it seemed the whole town was invited, as well lasted about 10 hours, and ended in a 10 minute fireworks show just for the bride set off by her pyrotechnic firefighter husband.  Hope's wedding was in the California hills.  Elegance, love, happiness, and family were all present for her best day ever. 

All three wedding were some of the best times of my life, but I didn't find myself taking notes, stealing ideas, and hoping that I could pull this or that off at my wedding.  It had never been a hope, wish, or a dream to get married. It wasn't going to happen since it wasn't legal.  I guess I'm practical and maybe depressing that way for why dream about something if it's impossible.

Now that marriage is marriage is marriage and available for all to dream about and obtain, I've been looking back at the weddings of my past.  No, I'm not remembering those two times I was the sweet little ring bearer, but more so my friends' weddings. 


My friend Jason and Kevin's wedding was an event I was unable to attend.  Luckily, through the magic of Facebook and YouTube, and Ryan DeVoll Photography (thanks Ryan!) it seemed like I was there. Here's a video of the important part of their ceremony.




Yes, a drag queen and good friend officiated the ceremony.  It's been almost two years since the wedding and it still comes up in many conversations.  What also comes up is the love and affection they both have for each other.


As bloggers for Instinct, we receive many different messages asking us to get this cause out there, post this, cover that. I've received many different wedding stories, fund raising posts, books, etc.  One of the weddings sent to me was that of Giancarlo and Bernardo.  Their wedding on April 30th of this year was the first official same sex wedding held at the Vizcaya Museum in Miami, FL.  Giancarlo's message to me was "we thought we could share with others [our wedding] especially on this momentous occasion where the supreme court made this possible for everyone in every state."



Giancarlo and Bernardo – Wedding at Vizcaya

We recently had the pleasure of filming the first same sex wedding at the historical Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into their amazing day. #vizcaya #berngian #gaymarriage #reunion

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Congrats Giancarlo and Bernardo.  I think my invitation was lost in the mail. I'm just ip the road in Fort Lauderdale. 

Attending my friends Hope's, Jen's, and Cindy's weddings was so bittersweet.  I was so happy for all of them, but at the same time, very depressed that such an event could never be mine with so much love in one space sharing in the love the newly married couple expressed for one another.  My happiness for them overshadowed my pity party for one, but knowing that their happiness is now an option for me, I wish I could re-attend their weddings and celebrate even harder – and take notes.

Now, not only can a boy dream, but the dream is a reality.  There is hope, there is fantasy, and there are desires that can now happen when it comes time for our future big ol' gay weddings.


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