Gay Capital of the World, What City Gets Your Vote?

Is there a gay capital of the world? 


A video from Artiomboy’s YouTube account (@artiomboy) keeps popping up in many of my social media feeds and it asks the question, “What do you think is the gay capital of the world?”

Have a listen and see what you think.

Here’s the votes in order in the video:


Wilton Manors, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, was San Francisco now Fort Lauderdale,
San Francisco, Tel Aviv or San Francisco, New York City , Tel Aviv 

Of course, this survey was very scientific and the results are final, right? Well, of course not. But they may jive with what the public thinks. 

Why did these cities get the nod as the gay capital of the world? What city would get your nod? 

We would love to hear what you think.  Head over to our Facebook post on this story and leave your comments there or leave one at the end of this post, maybe we’ll copy them and put them back in the article.


Tel Aviv – 

I did fall in love with Tel Aviv when I attended Tel Aviv Pride in 2017. I have not been back since but would love to return. Maybe it is time this year to revisit to see one of the biggest and best Prides in the world. Two of the more prominent posts I did about Tel Aviv Pride and visiting Israel were TRAVEL THURSDAY: We Are Still Recovering From Our Trip To Israel And Tel Aviv Pride  and  TRAVEL THURSDAY: An American Bear In Israel. Are Tel Aviv & Jerusalem Safe For LGBT American Travelers? One thing I always say is that visiting a city during and not during pride are definitely two different experiences.  The year I went, bars that had not been open for years opened just for pride and others were open just annually for pride. So is Tel Aviv uber gay 24/7/365? I’ll let you all help out on that.


San Francisco – 

I’ve been to San Francisco 3 times as an adult and all times were a blast. There’s a lot of history present in the city, in The Castro. The feel walking around the gay sections of this large city is of pride, of history, of closure, of change, of nostalgia, of new life. One of our writers took a unique journey in San Francisco and shared Travel Thursday: The Ultimate Guide to an Unexpected San Francisco. What are your thoughts about San Francisco? Does it rank as THE gay capital of the world?  Is it historically a gay mecca?  Where would you place it on the list?


New York City – 

Yes, Stonewall! Hell’s Kitchen! Christopher Street! There’s a great deal of history and change in New York City.  New bars opening and closing, some of the night life moving to Jersey City to thrive in a new environment. In preparation for 2021 Pride we posted New York City Is Back! Just In Time To Celebrate Pride —In Person! The Big Apple will always have a draw for those looking to make it big, experience it big, find a big … break. Is Christopher Street still hopping? Is Hell’s Kitchen still on the rise as the place to be? Does the city draw you in as the gay capital of the world?


Fort Lauderdale / Wilton Manors – 

Can a beach town and one of the busiest cruise ship ports in the world be the gay capital of the world? It doesn’t hurt to have those as well as tropical weather and 13 queer bars within a 4-block stretch. We’ve covered Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors a good amount as the magazine’s Managing Editor lives there and he says for good reason (recent post: Beach Resorts, Gay Nightlife, Theater, & Palate-Tickling Cuisine). It is know as the gay capital of Florida, but is Fort Lauderdale / Wilton Manors the gay capital of the world?


Honorable Mention – 

There were no other cities in the @artiomboy video but what should have been mentioned?  Madrid? Maspalomas, Amsterdam, Berlin, Provincetown, Sydney, Puerto Vallarta? And what are the variables for consideration as the gay capital of the world?  is it just a big pride? number of bars? a good rating on the HRC scale? high per capita queer population? equality in the eyes of the government?

Once again, leave a comment below or on our Facebook page as to what place you think is the gay capital of the world.

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