Gay College Men Raise Alarm On Anti-Gay Frat Party

Screenshot via W25 Action News

Two students at the University of Memphis say they were kicked out of a frat party because they’re gay.

According to WMC5 Action News, Benjamin Buckley and Luke Chapman were at an off-campus frat party with friends when a bunch of male students walked up to them. The boys were allegedly told that they “don’t belong here f****t.”


Buckley shared, “He was screaming at us and called us f****t and all these things. And he looked at me and said, ‘I’m going to beat the f**k out of you. I’m going to beat the life out of you.”

Chapman, who is British, then said he was told to “go back to Great Britain, f****t.”

“We were just wanting to have a night out for fun,” said Buckley.

Photo by A.R.T.Paola on Unsplash

After the incident, Chapman took to Facebook to complain about the fraternity and his fellow students. His hope was that the school’s administration would conduct an investigation.

“That morning I think I had so many messages of support and so many people messaging me offering to help,” said Chapman.

After news of Buckley and Chapman’s allegations spread, Dr. David Rudd, president of the University of Memphis, released the following statement:

“An off-campus incident involving possible bigotry has been brought to my attention and has been referred for investigation. The Office of the Dean of Students is in the process of reaching out to students and others potentially involved. I think those that were responsible need to be held accountable.”

“I want the focus to be on look what they did and see how it’s bad and see how it actually reflects a lot of what’s happening in society today, so we can understand that and grow from that,” said Buckley.

Source: WMC5 Action News

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