Gay Couple Attacked by Men Who Claimed to Be Cops

Kenny Coppedge and his boyfriend said that they were attacked by police officers in North Carolina. Image via

Gay couple Kenny Coppedge and Jordan Frye were attacked in North Carolina by a group of inebriated men who claimed to be police officers after a friendly encounter turned violent, leaving the couple with non-lethal injuries, according to Out.

The couple said that they were approached by the drunk men who seemed friendly and harmless in Charlotte, North Carolina, but things quickly turned south when one of the men accused the couple of stealing someone’s purse and threw Coppedge to the ground. He said that the men kept claiming that they were police officers and said that they were going to keep the couple there until they could prove that they didn’t steal anything. Coppedge sustained injuries to his neck, chest, and eyelid. Now I’m not a police officer but I’m fairly certain that what transpired is not standard practice and highly unethical. 

Officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) eventually arrived at the scene and spoke briefly with the assailants and allowed them to leave. The identities of the attackers are unknown, according to a police report. Does that spark suspicion in anyone else or is it just me? It’s odd to think that the police would just let attackers go without gathering any information about their identity.

Coppedge commented that the way that the men who maneuvering them indicates that “they were trained to do that” and that he wants them charged. Judging from the above information, I think it’s unlikely that they will be charged as it seems that the CMPD are disinterested in pursuing this case any further and that the assailants were allowed to walk free because they are police officers.

But maybe that’s just my cynicism talking.

Source: Out

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  1. It is odd that police are calling the attackers “unknown suspects” when they were standing right in front of them and didn’t even bother to do a thorough interview despite what the victims told them. So pathetic


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