Gay Couple Featured In New Cottonelle Commercial

Monsters & Critics points up a pair of ads that Kimberly-Clark has released for Cottonelle toilet paper that encourages guys to get a ‘superior clean’ before meeting your significant other’s parents.


It isn't quite clear how this specific topic of personal hygiene comes into play when you meet your boo's parents, but we definitely know being 'peachy clean' is always a good thing.

The pair of ad spots are practically identical except one features a straight couple and one a guy couple.


“Down there care from Cottonelle,” says the voiceover. “Down there because today you meet the parents. So before they sit you down give your bootie a confidence boost with cleaning ripples that remove more at once for a superior clean and makes you feel like the kind of guy she takes home to mother.”

The only difference in the gay version is swapping out the word ‘he’ in the final sentence: “…the kind of guy he takes home to mother.”

Watch the commercial below.

Folks on the conservative side of the social spectrum are not happy about the ad.


In fact, one Christian website declared, “We further progress down the road to destruction,” in denouncing the commercial.

Over on Twitter, some folks cheered the diversity and the inclusivity, but there were some haters who had to chime in.

It turns out the Cottonelle Twitter account can be pretty ‘fresh’ and sassy, too.





(h/t Monsters & Critics)

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  1. Clearly, these people have

    Clearly, these people have nothing better to do, just like Pat Robertson's recent comments about the Women's Movement. No research, no documentation, just stupidity rearing its ugly head!


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