Gay Couple Jakub & Dawid Get Engaged 100 Times To Question Polish Citizens

Screenshot via YouTube @Jakub & Dawid

Jakub Kwiecinski and Dawid Mycek are back, and this time they’re getting engaged… 100 times.

Instinct Magazine has covered this Polish Lip Syncing Couple several times before. From when they made a tribute to George Michael, to when they got surprised at the International LGBTQ Awards Show, to when they got married in Portugal, and when they initially said goodbye to video making.

But, it looks like the boys are back again, and this time it’s to make a point about marriage equality.

Together, Jakub and Dawid staged 100 marriage proposals in Poland to gauge the public’s views on same-sex marriage. One would approach strangers with info that he was going to propose to his partner. He would then ask if the strangers would take a picture of the moment. Then, the strangers would find out the couple is gay once the other partner appeared.

The couple released a video showing how Polish citizens reacted to this setup. While most were positive and supportive, there were a few negative reactions to the situation.

For the strangers who stayed, Jakub and Dawid then asked for thoughts on marriage equality in Poland.

“I do not meddle with other people’s lives. Do what you want, but harm no one,” said one man.

“Poland should introduce same-sex marriage,” said another pedestrian.

Currently, same-sex marriage and civil unions are banned in the country due to Article 18 of the Polish Constitution stating that marriage is “a union of a man and a woman” that, “shall be placed under the protection of care of the Republic of Poland.”

But if attitudes are changing in the country, as Jakub and Dawid showed, perhaps that will change.

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