Gay Couple Stabbed By Their Adopted Son in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

This morning, a family fight in Sherman Oaks, CA ended with horrific violence.


Earlier today, 21-year-old Matthew Boulet stabbed adoptive fathers Ken Coll and Tom Boulet.

The fathers adopted the young man when he was a young boy. Both men are in critical condition after being transported to the hospital, reports ABC-7.

Neighbors who know the family were shaken: “Tom and Ken have been very significant on our block,” says neighbor Florence Riggs. “Whatever happened with Matthew going over the edge like that, it’s all going to be rectified in some way.”

Right now it’s unclear what led to the violence, Los Angeles Police Lieutenant Mike Kozak says authorities are investigating mental illness as a factor. He used a pocket knife to stab his fathers.

The young man was arrested at the scene without conflict.

h/t: ABC 7

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