Gay Cyclist Raises $20,000 for Charity after Round-the-World Ride

Trigger Warning: mention of suicide

Andrew Mortensen is a 32-year-old gay cyclist and business advisor, who went on a 27,500-mile bike journey “around the world”, and was able to raise $20,000 for the Trevor Project, which is a non-profit suicide prevention organization for the LGBTQ+ youth.


He is a volunteer counselor for the organization after being motivated by his two friends who passed away due to suicide. His 360-day trip began in 2020 “because I got cooped up during COVID and did not have a lot going on in my life.”

“Cycling was a good coping mechanism. I decided to ride as a way to raise money for the Trevor Project,” he wrote on his Outsports article.

The cyclist continued,


“A short trip became by 2021 a 17,000-mile ride from the U.S. to Chile along the Pan American Highway. I started small and before I knew it, I was crossing states, countries, and then, even, continents.”

During his trip, he noted that he “encountered incredible kindness and hospitality, even in places where I had to hide being gay.”

“In the Middle East and Asia phase of my trip, I did not advertise that I was gay for safety reasons […]”

He also revealed that there were a few times when he was “outed”.


“But interestingly the people who found out said “just don’t tell my neighbors or parents” or simply said nothing but still invited me in for tea or to stay the night. Some even confided in me that they, too, were gay.

My fears eased as I rode, but it still left me with many questions — and acknowledgements about privilege (white, cisgender, masculine-presenting),” Mortensen further shared.

He also explained why his sexuality matters as he cycled around the world, expressing:

“It matters for representation. It matters because a trip like this for an openly gay person is an analog to the fear, uncertainty and pressure LGBTQ+ folks endure all around the world […]

Most importantly, maybe there needed to be a first publicly gay person going around the world to prove it’s possible. That despite my reservations, the world was welcoming and loving. Maybe we need that narrative now; one of hope and optimism.”

“The world I saw was beautiful,” Mortensen concluded.


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