Gay Dating App Will Allow Booty Profile Pics

Gay dating app Grindr will now allow profile photos that feature butts in non-sexualized scenarios
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Gay-dating app Grindr recently relaxed their policies regarding what images you can and can’t share in your profile just a butt bit. 

Writing on the company’s blog, Grindr said the reason for the change to continue its evolution in allowing the Grindr community to express themselves more freely. In November 2020, the dating app adjusted their policies to allow guys to post a photo of themselves in their underwear on your Grindr profile. 


And in June 2020, the app removed its ethnicity filter in a statement of solidarity to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The upshot of this latest guidelines update: Grindr now allows (some) butts when it comes to profile photos.

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Specifically, the new guidelines allow for booty shots that are “non-graphic and without an overly sexual context.”


So, as long as the photo presents you in your best non-pornographic pose without an overtly sexual connotation, you will make the cut.

We’re guessing something like this…?


Grindr also underscores the acceptance of “people of all bodies (all ethnicities, all sizes, all genders, and all identities) expressing their sexuality joyfully.”

What’s not allowed in profile photos? Pornographic images, depictions of sex acts, full frontal or graphic nudity.

Grindr offers these easy-reader graphics to dramatize the dos and don’ts of profile photos.

• Allowed: Hey, look at me, don’t I look attractive and like you might want to have sex with me some time?


• Not allowed: Hey, I bet this image makes you imagine yourself in this exact scenario with me having sex just like this…

Grindr has updated its profile photo guidelines to allow featuring butts as long as they are not overtly sexual photos
(image via Grindr blog)

Sexually suggestive butt pics aren't allowed in Grindr profile but 'non-graphic' butt pics are allowed
(image via Grindr blog)

“While we are committed to sex-positivity, and hope that most of our users enjoy the new guidelines, we also know that not everyone is comfortable seeing that extra bit of skin,” adds Grindr. “For those people, we recommend filtering your grid to only show people who have a face photo as their primary image.”

Read more about Grindr’s photo policies at the company’s blog.

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