Gay Disney Fans Can’t Help But Relate To Pixar’s ‘Luca’

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We know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t people already argue this?” And the answer is yes. But after watching the film, gay Disney/Pixar fans are CONVINCED Luca is a gay film.

Disney and Pixar released Luca on Disney+ this past week. And for fans who saw the film, the children’s animated movie was a beautiful display of life and friendship. But, many fans also saw something more. Keep in mind, however, that Luca’s own director, Enrico Casarosa, said in April that the film was not intended to be a gay-themed movie.

“I was really keen to talk about a friendship before girlfriends and boyfriends come in to complicate things,” he told Polygon during a press day.

Cararosa explained that the film is meant to depict friendship in a “pre-puberty world,” and is thus meant to completely bypass romance in any form.

Luca centers around two young sea creatures named Luca and Alberto. The two aquatic beings turn into humans when out of water. They then do so and decide to visit an Italian coastal town. There, they mean a young girl named Giulia who shows them around town. But, they soon find out that Giulia is a fisherman’s daughter.

Casarosa went on to explain that he created and named the character of Alberto after a real-life friend of his. Both the character and his real-life friend are bigger-than-life personalities.

“The type of friendship that is gonna push you into trouble,” says Casarosa. “Push you into change, push you into finding yourself.”

So, in the director’s mind. This is a film about friendship. But could that be a disguise to keep conservative censorship away? Or, as with many artistic mediums, has fan interpretation brought in a new factor to the movie?

Social media platforms, and news sites like Buzzfeed and Vanity Fair, are currently full of tweets and Facebook posts about how the film could be interpreted with a queer context. The subtleties of close male friendship in a “pre-puberty world” created meaning for many LGBTQ viewers.

What about you viewers? Have you seen Luca? Did you think the film was queer-coded or outright gay? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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  1. Agreed I left feeling it was a gay movie as well. Why the felt the need to hide it really sucks it could have been a great movie if they mentioned they were gay.


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