Gay Documentary “When The Beat Drops” Spotlights The “Bucking” Scene Flourishing In The US South

Many people, gay or otherwise, are in love with the history and culture of the Ballroom scene after the season one finale of tv hit Pose. Now, it’s time for another black gay dance scene to get a turn in the spotlight.

Logo is premiering its latest documentary tonight titled When The Beat Drops. The documentary, directed by Jamal Sims, follows several black gay men as they perform in and explore the world of the “bucking” dance scene. This Southern-centered dance scene is much like the ballroom scene of old and new, but with its own competitions, groups, and personality.

According to the Bay Area Reporter, the dance style started to appear back in the ‘80s when Black female majorettes performed it at football games of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). While this dance spread throughout all of America, it found its home in the American South.

The dance then became popularized by Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video and was eventually absorbed by black gay men who formed a community much like black trans people did with the ballroom scene.

Since premiering in indie circles, the film has won several awards such as the Documentary Centerpiece at this year’s Outfest and the Outstanding Documentary Jury Award at this year’s Frameline.

But now, the general populace will be able to enjoy the movie as well. To prepare, you can watch a special clip, courtesy of Out Magazine, and the trailer for the documentary down below.

In addition, the film will premiere tonight at 8/7c on the Logo channel. Afterwards, it will play on that channel throughout the month and appear on streaming sites starting August 10.





h/t: Out Magazine, The Bay Area Reporter

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