Gay Film “I Carry You With Me” To Get Global Distribution

Christian Vásquez and Armando Espitia in I Carry You With Me by Heidi Ewing. / Image by Alejandro López. Courtesy of Sundance Institute.

An American film about a love between two Mexican men is getting a global release thanks to Sony.

According to Deadline, the film I Carry You With Me has been picked up by Sony Pictures Classics and Sony’s Stage 6 Films for global distribution. This is after the gay love film was screened at Sundance last week as part of their NEXT section.


As the Sundance Institute writes of the film’s description:

“As a young aspiring chef in Mexico, Iván works at a restaurant, hoping to land a spot in the kitchen while supporting the mother of his child. One night he meets Gerardo, a handsome teacher who, unlike Iván, is out as a gay man. Their chemistry is instant. The discovery of their romance, however, causes conflict, and he is told he can no longer see his son. In despair, Iván makes the arduous decision to cross the border to advance his culinary career, promising his son and newfound love he will return.”

“After co-directing many award-winning documentaries, many of which have screened at the Sundance Film Festival, Heidi Ewing returns with her solo directorial narrative debut. This bittersweet American Dream is based on an acclaimed New York City chef, whose cuisine pays homage to his beloved country. Lensed by the impressive and fast-rising Mexican cinematographer Juan Pablo Ramírez, Iván’s memory is rendered indelible, making Iván’s predicament of not being able to return to Mexico all the more heartrending. The film is a tender romance and a complicated journey beautifully captured.”

Again, the film has just been purchased for distribution, so there’s no word on when and exactly where the movie will hit theaters across the globe.

Source: Deadline, the Sundance Institute

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