Gay Grandads Become Dads Again Through A Zoom Adoption

Screenshot via Good Morning America & The Beanblossom Family

One American family has found joy, love, and each other within this troubling time.

During these few months within the coronavirus pandemic, there has been one company to not only succeed but also get a major boost of interest and usage. That company would, of course, be Zoom. It seems like before this pandemic started, the general public had no idea of the company and video calling program. But now that we’re a few months in, it has become a household name. And the reason for that is because it has helped us stay connected to those outside our household. And for one family, it helped them bolster their household.


According to Good Morning America, Chad and Paul Beanblossom, from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, are no strangers to parenthood. Before their five-year marriage, Paul became the father of three kids. Those kids have since had their own kids and made Chad and Paul granddads. But now their family is expanding to include a 17-year-old boy named Michael that the two legally adopted over Zoom.

The Zoom adoption was attended by 80 people, which included friends, family, and adoption specialists. “The judge mentioned it was the largest Zoom adoption she had done to date,” Chad told Good Morning America.

From the Beanblossom adoption to marriage across the globe, like the above wedding between Alex Fishman and Anthony Shirk of New York City, it seems Zoom is helping many to celebrate big legal and emotional moments with their loved ones in lockdown.  / Image via Alex Fishman and Anthony Shirk

This wasn’t the first time the two had met Michael. Chad and Paul had fostered the teenager after his mother died. Before finding his inevitable fathers, though, Michael was placed in nine different homes. This included one unfortunate family match up that led to Michael running away. Thankfully, the tenth time’s the charm.


“He just kind of came in and took over our hearts,” said Chad of his new son. “He’s taught us just as much, if not more than we have him. Our whole world revolves around Michael.” At Michael’s request, the family decided to adopt Michael.”

“Paul and Chad Beanblossom have been great at advocating for Michael and giving him opportunities that he may have not gotten otherwise,” noted Allyson Sayne, a family services worker at the Tennessee Department of Children Services. “This family had to undergo a tragedy of a house fire a month before Michael’s adoption, but they focused on the fact that they had each other and didn’t let it affect Michael’s adoption.”

Now with two dads, a few siblings, and even some nieces and nephews, Michael is looking at a better life in the future. That better life also includes starting his senior year of high school later this year.

Congratulations to the happy family.

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