Gay Guys Explain Why They’re Better Than Women At Picking Up Men?

When us gay men get around straight people that are not normally around gay men, odd things often come out of their mouths. It's like they may not be thinking, well, straight.  They try too hard and really sound a little crazy at times. I'd give examples, but I'm sure we all have many to share. That's what came to mind when I read "Gay Guys Explain Why They’re Better Than Women At Picking Up Men."

There is a reason people flock to gay guys at parties. You can usually count on gay guys to play the best music, have the best moves and make you laugh until you pee.

And obviously, that energy makes gay guys super inviting to everyone in the room… including other gay men. –

We all know too many fellow gay men that are not the life of the party, make poor choices in regard to music, cannot dance, and aren't funny at all.  At times, the stereotypes are just that.

Kelly Lord elaborates in her post by saying how we gays pick up men better than straight women and shares this video.

There are so many rules when it comes to straight dating. Hell, I’ve basically made a career out of making fun of blogs and magazines that spell out those rules.

Straight women tend to obsess over something like how long to wait before texting a guy back, and straight men worry about menial things, like trying to be nice while not being the nice guy.

You’ll notice there’s a lot less advice on gay dating out there, though. And that’s partially because gay men already have their dating scene on lock.

Even comparing profiles on dating apps, you’ll see straight people will usually have witty jargon and a carefully selected group of pictures representing each of their best personality traits.

But with gay guys, they aren’t trying to dance around the reason they’re swiping. Their pictures are usually of their face, their chest and, if you’re lucky, a nice booty pic. –

A booty pic … so 2000s.

I think the main issue I have with Kelly's post is that she's using the scenarios of straight women dating and gay men picking up other men interchangeably.  That my dear Kelly, is a big no-no for they are apples and oranges.  Finding another warm hole gay man to have sex with is quite easy.  I'm sure women can do this just as well. 

Dating a fellow gay man is another matter. There are many of us that desire to date "like a straight girl" or at least how Kelly described how straight girls date, to actually have a connection, a bond, and it will be based on more than a shiny ab pic. 

What do you think, Instincters?

Is there really a difference in the worlds of the straights and gays when it comes to dating?  When it comes to hooking up?

Is Kelly Lord saying that gay men are just more free sexually than straight women?

Is she slut praising us?



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