Gay, Hollywood Executive Closes Office After Email Scandal!

Talent Manager, Michael Einfeld, Is Leaving Hollywood


This Is Not A Fairytale Ending


Last week, I told you how one of my fellow Hollywood Assistants was put in distress after comments her boss made directed towards her. His comments of "sewing her [privates] shut" (among many other malicious insults) were in an email… which was accidently sent TO his former female, assistant! Reminder: Always check who you're looping into emails! 

The Executive would be named as Hollywood Talent Manager, Michael Einfeld 


Einfeld took to Facebook during the ordeal to discuss some of the troubles he'd been facing. He was very heartfelt in his apologies. Check them out below.


Unfortunately, Einfeld's apology has came up short. During the age of the Trump Administration, it appears that Hollywood isn't being empathetic to anyone who is marginalizing particular groups of minorities. Women are certainly included in those minorities.

According to TheWrap, Einfeld has closed his Los Angeles Talent Management permanently. 

"Einfeld has let go his four staffers at ME Management, an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap. He has also  parted ways with the vast majority of his roughly 50 clients.

The instant social media frenzy — and stream of death threats — have made it impossible for the company to continue operations. At least one casting director from a major broadcast network informed ME Management clients that she would not submit them for auditions if they maintained Einfeld as a rep, a second individual familiar with the company said."

Sorry Mr. Einfeld, Hollywood has you under a magnifying glass. It doesn't look like he'll be bouncing back anytime soon.

Do you believe in second chances? Should Einfeld be given one? Let me know your Instinct!

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  1. Sad part is. The poor staff

    Sad part is. The poor staff lost their jobs. In today's job market.tough feel bad for his staff.


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