Gay Housing Activist Matthew Cardinale Is Running For Atlanta City Council

We have more news of aspiring LGTBQ politicians.

Atlanta’s City Council may gain a new gay member in the coming future, as Matthew Cardinale has announced his bid for an opening spot.

According to Project Q, the 37-year-old civil activist and editor of Atlanta Progressive News is running for an open spot to replace the late Ivory Lee Young. The election will take place in late January. If he wins, Cardinale will be the first openly gay council member since Alex Wan lost is bid in 2017.

After announcing his decision to run, Cardinale shared that he would like to represent the people of Atlanta from within office. That said, LGBTQ issues aren’t the only thing on his political agenda.

“My number one priority for District 3 is to use my policy expertise in affordable housing to mitigate gentrification and ensure the preservation and creation of housing to serve the hard-working low-income families and seniors who call our district ‘home,’” Cardinale said in a press release.

“District 3 is at a crossroads, where we must take proactive steps to ensure that as new development continues to come into District 3, that we have homes we can rely upon to stay affordable in perpetuity,” he added.

Despite only now running for office, Cardinale is no stranger to Atlanta City Council meetings. Cardinale has made headlines before for showing up to meetings and rapping his views on issues. In addition, he filed a lawsuit against the city in 2011 over private meetings being held from the public.

We’ll see how Cardinale fares sometime between January 23rd and the 25th.

h/t: Project Q

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