Gay Lawmaker Starts Hong Kong Parliament Brawl

Screenshot via BBC News

Hong Kong’s only openly-gay lawmaker got into a major fight at the parliament building.

Tensions were high for Hong Kong’s lawmakers as they discussed the potential of China gaining more power over the city.


The extradition law would allow the deportation of accused criminals to countries without a formal extradition agreement, specifically China. Many democracy-driven lawmakers, like Chan, believe this is a thinly veiled attempt to give China more command over Hong Kong and its affairs.

After being released from British colonialization, Hong Kong was returned in China in 1997. That said, the city-state made a deal with China to maintain a “one country two systems” policy. As such, the idea of willingly giving over accused criminals to mainland China threatens to violate that agreement.

Unfortunately, all of that anger sprung out into an all-out fight with Ray Chan at its center.


“For those who know me, I usually keep a meek composure, practice meditation, prefer non-alcoholic drinks, and treat everyone with respect,” Chan wrote on his Twitter account. “But when an authoritarian state strikes, every fiber of my being turns into a fighter for my constituents,” he said.


It appears that one lawmaker was sent away from the fight in a gurney and is now using a sling for his arm.

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