Gay Man Beaten After Grindr Meetup Goes Awry

Marc Power was recently attacked by a group of teens after he planned a meetup with who he thought was his date. Image by Mac Dónaill via Irish Times.

Online dating can be a great thing but really one can never know who is on the other side unless they meet up and unfortunately not everyone is who they seem. This was the case for Marc Power, a middle-aged man who was viciously attacked by a group of teens after meeting up with someone he thought was his date on Grindr, according to Metro.

While Power was sitting in his car outside the meeting place that he and his ostensible Grindr date discussed, four teens attempted to drag him out while yelling homophobic slurs at him and calling him a pervert. He was then punched in the face and started bleeding while the teens were laughing at him and continuing to insult him. He believes that the teens were trying to murder him, which doesn’t seem too far off. Luckily after honking his car horn and screaming for help, people came and the teens ran away. Unfortunately, no arrests have been made. 

According to Irish Times, Power has experienced homophobia before, mostly in the form of snide remarks but this is the first time he’s experienced such violence. He has said that he is a private person but wanted to share this incident should be a warning for people to be more careful when it comes to online dating. However, he said that this won’t change who he is. 

A spokesperson for Grindr has said that they were heartbroken to hear about this attack and that they are constantly trying to improve the safety of the app’s users. It’s a frightening world out there and people should definitely be careful about who they meet. It could be the difference between life and death. 

Source: Metro

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