Gay Man Gets Justice After Being Jumped For Hand Holding

Image via YouTube @Rebecca Shoptaw

Four men have been charged for attacking a gay man simply because he held hands with another guy.

According to ABC correspondent KEPR, four men in Pasco, Washington were arrested and charged for the attack. The culprits called the victim, whose identity has been withheld, derogatory terms and beat him up last Sunday. The four men were at a food truck on the intersection of 4th and Court streets when they noticed the victim. They then started yelling “F**” at him.

According to police, eight different witnesses saw the group of men harass the victim and then beat him up. They punched the victim in the face and kicked him after he fell to the ground. The group then left the victim bleeding on the ground for the police to find. The victim received a concussion from the ordeal as well as possible broken bones.

Police were quick to identify the four assailants thanks to having multiple witnesses. The group was then booked into the Franklin County Jail. The four culprits include:

  • Pedro Mata Contreras, 36, of Pasco (on $10,000 bail).
  • Oscar Emestor Mata, 38, of Othello (on $3,500 bail).
  • Ulises Missael Reyes-mata, 24, of Pasco (on $20,000 bail).
  • Jose Torres, 37, a tourist (on $10,000 bail).

Despite all four men stating they were innocent, they have all been charged with 2nd Degree Assault and Malicious Harassment. They now must wait until December 31 to be arraigned.

Source: KEPR

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