Gay Man Lured For Sex & Killed By Online Friend

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Two brothers were arrested in Nanka, Nigeria after they killed a man one had once called an online buddy.

According to the Daily Dot, 32-year-old Angus Chukwuebuka Nwankwo had been messaging a friend over Facebook for a year. The friend, who used the username Willswaggs, had offered to pay Nwankwo N20,000 (approximately $54). The catch was, the two had to have sex.

As Nwankwo told reporters, “Sometime in February this year, Willswaggs asked me to come to Owerri to spend time with him. He said I was a fine boy, and that he would like to make love to me. I reminded him that he was a boy, and would not make love to a fellow; but he insisted. Then, he promised that he would give me N20,000 if I should make love to him.”

He then added, “I told him I would not come to Owerri. I told him that I would make love to him and collect the N20,000 if he would come to my village, Nanka which he accepted to come.”

According to the Nigerian news source the Independent, the two did end up meeting. Though a third party was involved and the situation turned deadly.

“That fateful day, I told my younger brother about my visitor and what we planned to do,” explained Nwanko. “I told him that once he sees us move inside the room, he should bang into the room.”

He then added, “So, when I went inside with my Facebook friend, my brother banged inside the room after 10 minutes. When my visitor realised that I planned with my brother to disrupt the love making, he said he would not pay me the N20,000 unless we did what he came for. That led to quarrel and fight.”

That’s when the situation turned deadly. During the fight, Nwanko hit Willswaggs and Wllswaggs fell. Nwanko then realized his former friend had died. The brothers then dumped the body in a bush in the wilderness nearby. Nwanko later gave himself in to the authorities. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (or SARS) then conducted an investigation into the situation and retrieved the body.

After initial reports of the murder, the above video of the two brothers started to trend online. This led to some calls for LGBTQ rights in Nigeria, where same-sex relations are punishable by imprisonment. No word, however, has been made on whether these calls have been heard by political figures.

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