Gay Man ‘Raped, Whipped and Covered in Faeces’ in Homophobic Attack

It's heartbreaking that we still have to report on things like this, sadly, its still very much in our present.

Police in Cape Town, South Africa have opened an investigation after a gay man claimed he was raped, whipped and covered in faeces in the homophobic attack, alleged to have happened on January 30th.

Mogamat Yushree Jacobs was at the Akhbar Rehabilitation Centre in Cape Town when the incident happened, claiming the authorities targeted him after he was seen holding another mans hand.

Jacobs was attending the centre as an administrative assistant and counsellor, after attending as a recovering heroin addict.

“We were having a one-on-one session and I was holding his hands when the manager came in." Jacobs said.

“We were told to end the friendship and people were assigned to watch me and this person.”

This is where the story takes a sinister turn.

"They placed me in a room where the new people were to punish me… they beat me with a sjambok (a type of whip) which left me blue and black, and I could not walk for a few days.”

The abuse didn't stop there, however, as he went on to explain

They woke me up at midnight and said I must just wear my underwear,” he said.

“They took water filled with human waste and threw it onto me, and ordered that I get into the pool with the other clients who were there.

“The one who we called ‘the father of the house’ placed my head under the water and it felt like I was going to pass out,” Jacobs continued.

“Then they ordered me to get out and told the one client to stand behind me and to grind me with his penis. The other, they said, must shove his penis in my mouth."

“These men were forced to do it by the ‘father’.”

Truly awful stuff. Jacobs went on to explain he was commanded to stand, covered in faeces from 2am until 10am without moving.

“They then had clients shout at me and insult me by saying things like I did not come to the rehab for drugs, but to do boys,” he continued.

“The management knew I was gay when I arrived, and had no problem with it."

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut said: “This office can confirm that Philippi police is investigating a case of rape.

“The suspect is known and has not been arrested as yet pending the outcome of the investigation.”

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  1. Are reminder that just like

    Are reminder that just like in prison men raping men is rape; not gay sex. Most men who rape other men are heterosexual men and there is no attraction involved but the impulse to humiliate and exert power and dominance on a victim.


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