Gay Man Sees First Transgender Vagina.


Well if you are one of those guys that is a boob fan or a vagina voyeur, you're all set.  But for those of us that may be a Gold Star Gay and are a little less experienced in viewing the female nether regions, Davey Wavey takes it one step further and gazes into a man made vagina.  Canadian transgender vlogger Julie Vu (Princess Joules) lends her time and skin for this experience caught on tape. 






Was this educational?  It looks like it was for Davey, especially the whole hole part.

Did it break down any barriers? Possibly.  Parts are just parts and not the person.

I don't think it did any harm, but it doesn't make me have the need to personally repeat this experiment.  Now if the transgender was FTM, I might wanna do this.

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