Gay Man’s Extorter Shot & Killed In A Car Crash

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An Indianapolis woman died in a shooting and car crash just a few hours after she posted a Facebook Live video exposing a gay man.

40-year-old Jane Waughfield died this past Tuesday morning, February 18, while at the intersection of Lafayette Road and West 30th Street. According to witnesses who spoke to CBS’s Indianapolis affiliate, a yellow Camaro, which was driven by Waughfield, was speeding down Lafayette when it slammed into a blue car.

“The Camaro came 90 to 100 miles per hour down the road and hit the blue car and spun it three times,” said witness Mike Smith. “The guy [in the blue car] surprisingly got out of his car in one piece and went to the Camaro and opened the door and realized she was unconscious or dead.”

According to investigators though, there seems to be more going on with this case. The police and witnesses heard gunshots before the crash. Waughfield also shows signs of being shot. The police, however, are currently unsure if Waughfield died from the gunshot wound or from the car crash.

“This is disheartening. This is not where we want to be as a community and as a city. We continue to encourage the community to stand with us and partner with us,” said IMPD Sgt. Grace Sibley.

While investigators have not confirmed the motive for the shooting, it was soon discovered that Waughfield had a controversial social media presence. Just a few hours before her death, Waughfield hosted a Facebook Live stream, according to SDGLN. In the video, she goes on a 17-minute rant (caution: language is NSFW) about a man she was conducting business with. Waughfield said in the video that she forgot her phone in the man’s house. When she entered through an unlocked door, she witnessed the man having sex with another man.

Not only did Waughfield use anti-gay slurs to describe the man, but she told a story of extorting the man. She apparently asked the man for “five bands” to keep her silence. She then went ahead with the Facebook Live video after he failed to send the money.

In the video, Waughfield also explained that she feared for her life. She said in the video that if something were to happen to her, the man she was extorting was to blame. Ultimately, Waughfield was found dead two hours later.

Again, caution is advised. The below video carries NSFW-language, homophobia, and general hate.

That said, police have yet to name a suspect or motive. The police have also not commented on whether social media played a role in Waughfield’s death. The investigation continues.

In the meantime, a vigil was held for Waughfield at 19th and Lafayette on Wednesday night.

Source: CBS4, SDGLN, WishTV

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