Gay Marine’s Election Night Victory Gets Gus Kenworthy’s Attention

From the look of things, Instinct readers were really happy to read about woofy former Marine Neil Rafferty’s big win Tuesday night as he came out on top in the race for the District 54 seat in Alabama’s state House.

In what can only be described as a landslide victory, Rafferty garnered a huge 90% of the vote in his bid to replace retiring state Rep. Patricia Todd, the state’s first openly gay legislator.

News of Rafferty’s triumph caught the attention of folks all over the interwebs, including that of a certain out Olympic skier.

Responding to a tweet celebrating Rafferty winning the seat, hunky Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy offered this invitation: “I have another seat for him.”

He followed that with a blond, bearded emoji face.



The Twitterverse, of course, responded. Here's just a sample of reactions:


No word on whether Rafferty plans on responding to the invitation.

(h/t Gay Star News)

3 thoughts on “Gay Marine’s Election Night Victory Gets Gus Kenworthy’s Attention”

  1. No one would report this as

    No one would report this as cute and flirty if the tweet was made to a woman. Neil Rafferty’s win shouldn’t be cheapened by unwanted sexual advances.

  2. Please mike – take your tiny

    Please mike – take your tiny tiny  tiny violin and play it elsewhere…. We now live in a time where an intelligent and sexy olympic athlete can 'flirt' openly with a gay member of congressman. Why TF would he flirt with a married gay man in a committed relationship. WTF.     

  3. And is there a reason the

    And is there a reason the newly elected governor of Colorado didn’t receive the same praise? Perhaps it’s because he’s not “wooly” or “hunky”, and married with kids. This sort of reporting further perpetuates the notion that we gay men are ALL about physical beauty and sex. It’s pretty pathetic.


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