Gay Maryland House Nominee Gabriel Acevero Wins Big Endorsement From The Latino Victory Fund

A gay Afro-Latino man running for a seat in office just got a leg up.


In June, we introduced you to Gabriel Acevero, a union organizer and LGBTQ advocate. Back then, Acevero won second place in the primary for a Democratic slot representing the 39th House District in the Maryland House of Delegates. Due to the state using a multi-member system per district, winning second counted as winning the primary.




Since then, Acevero has been gaining traction by campaigning across his district and has now won the support of an important organization.

According to Metro Weekly, the Latino Victory Fund, a political committee focused on Latinx issues and supporting Latino representatives on every level of government, announced their endorsement of Acevero.

The Latino Victory Fund has said that Acevero is “a voice that is direly needed” in the General Assembly.


“All across the country, we see a yearning for leadership that reflects our diversity,” said Mayra Macías, the political director of the Latino Victory Fund. “Gabriel is part of the new wave of young progressive Latinos who are running for office to effect positive change in our communities. He is a talented grassroots organizer who understands the needs of the district and who will champion the issues that matter to the Latino community.”




This is just the latest in several endorsements that Acevero has received. Some other people and organizations that have endorsed him are Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, State Senator Susan Lee, County Council Vice President Nancy Navarro, and immigration advocacy group Somos CASA.

Acevero announced his surprise and honor to be endorsed by the Latino Victory Fund in a recent statement:

“I’m honored and excited to have the support of the Latino Victory Fund,” he said. “At a time when the Latinx community is being vilified and scapegoated, we need more elected officials who will counter this false and divisive narrative and speak to the many contributions of the Latinx community.”

h/t: Metro Weekly

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